Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why study when you can practice what you know?

~Day 6~

    Well, I guess I will have to set studying aside for a few days. When I woke up this morning Kegin told me that he has a quest he needed my help on. This quest involved finding the cloaked creature and solving what has been behind the recent attacks on the city. So of coarse I could not resist the opportunity.

     The First order of business was to head to the near by woods and find the ranger that I encountered last night. So we left the town and made our way to the forest of Ryowood. When we arrived I got a good glimpse of the outside of the woods. They were dense and it astounded me that any one would live in here, But I guess for a ranger it is a great home.

    While walking through the woods Kegin and I heard some talking near by and decided to check it out. That was a mistake because it ended up being a small kobold camp. Very few of them were there and between Kegin and I we dispatched of that due haste. This might have been a small challenge if it wasn't for the fact that Kegin has a bow that would make any elf envious. This Combination of magic and grace has no string and shoots four arrows made of pure flame all at once. I jut wish I could acquire a bow of such power.

    During the fight all of the noise grabbed the rangers attentions and he quickly found us. After talking for a few minutes we made our way back to Pitchfield. Kegin told us that we need to get the Priestess that he was with last night and we would make our way to the north to track down this beast. We found her rather easily by heading to the local temple where she was praying to her gods. When we were all ready we left the town and made our way to the north.

    So after a long days travel, Here I am in a cave. Sitting around a fire with people I barely know yet for some reason am slowly beginning to trust. We are going to take turns throughout the night keeping watch at the front and rear of the cave. I am part of the second shift in the rear of the cave. hopefully only a few hours of sleep will be enough for tomorrow. 

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