Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One long day, One Dumb horse.

~Day 4~

    Just for the record, Never forget that this horse you got out of the stables does not like you! Although it could just be all horses. Guess I just need to be careful in the future. This damn thing must have tried to kill me at least three to four times.

    After waking up with a sore back from the ground, and a long day of riding..... I have to sleep on the ground one more night yet again. I am defiantly not looking forward to this. After learning from last night I did try something new. I took a lot of leafs from nearby trees and some dry weeds to make a bit of a bed. Hopefully this will make for a better nights sleep. Dinner was ok, and again more rations. I can't wait to get to Pitchfield and get a good meal and a sound nights sleep.

    Also I have to make note here that because of this horse, I lost the scroll that was left for me at my teachers. I did read it and need to write down a few notes so I do not forget. First and foremost I am heading into Pitchfield to seek out Grand master Alchemist Lilith. I wonder what It will be like learning under a female teacher? Secondly The objects in the bag were explained in the note as 2 rings of chance and a Amulet. The Rings have the power to turn back time a few seconds to change the outcome of an event, good or bad. The necklace however..... Was not talked about to much only that it will one day save my life when needed.

    Hopefully these Items will help out During my travels and that necklace will never have to be used. Well one more days travel and I should be at Pitchfield around nightfall. For now I need some sleep next to this fire I started (thanks to magic).

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