Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Pages spin like leafs in the wind.

~Day 13~

    The days blurred by so fast I was having fits of motion sickness. Waking up now I feel like having had multiple arrows shot through my head. After all of that, I have to update this journal. My head is pounding and every thing I see and hear is dull compared to the last few days.

~Day 11~

     After arriving back in Pitchfield we instantly went to see the king. Kegin walked through the door first and approached the king. All of us dropped to one knee before the king while Kegin explained what had happened. The news was shocking to every one in earshot. The king offered that we become his personal task force. Not to say that I wasn't phased by it, but I basically jumped on the opportunity. So we ended our meeting with the king and made our way to the city. I was directed to the Wizards Academy and we split off.

Making my way to the academy I tried to find Lilith. Only to find that she was gone for the week. I found out that they had a dormitory and stayed there for the night.

~Day 12~

    I awoke yesterday and made my way to the archives inside the school. The room that consumed me when I walked through the doors was bigger than any I had ever seen. Walls higher than that of the cities outside walls coated in books and scrolls. It was astounding seeing this large of a collection of knowledge. I could not decide where to start looking for a book to sit down and read.

     When I finally made my way to the back of the archives I was approached by a male student. He offered me some of his herb that he called "The bookshelf emptier". He said that it helps in studies and improves your reading rate. I took some and smoked it out of his pipe. 

    After that every thing was slow, it seemed like time passed half as fast. He directed me to the Alteration section of the archives. When I got there the closest book to the bottom was something I had been wanting to read. It was a rather big book of around 300 pages. I began reading and finished it before the hour was over. Remembering every thing I had just read I put the book back and grabbed another.

    Things continued like this for the rest of the day. Forgetting to eat I grabbed 5 more books and walked back to my bed in the dormitory. I fell asleep with books all around me.

~Day 13~ 

    Now like I said before I feel slow but not in a sped up manner. Just slow altogether, like what a human experiences after drinking far too much the night before. It is about midday and I have accomplished nothing so far. I hope these after effects wear off soon.

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