Monday, August 22, 2011

Out of Character due to fire

Sorry for not updating my blog in a few days.

    As many of you may have heard my families business had a fire recently. This is going to cause me to be VERY busy for a little while. There is a ton of work to get done so we can get back to operating at %110 like usual.

    Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support. We should be open and back in business withing the week.

    If you have any questions at all feel free to message me or call me if you have my number.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Pages spin like leafs in the wind.

~Day 13~

    The days blurred by so fast I was having fits of motion sickness. Waking up now I feel like having had multiple arrows shot through my head. After all of that, I have to update this journal. My head is pounding and every thing I see and hear is dull compared to the last few days.

~Day 11~

     After arriving back in Pitchfield we instantly went to see the king. Kegin walked through the door first and approached the king. All of us dropped to one knee before the king while Kegin explained what had happened. The news was shocking to every one in earshot. The king offered that we become his personal task force. Not to say that I wasn't phased by it, but I basically jumped on the opportunity. So we ended our meeting with the king and made our way to the city. I was directed to the Wizards Academy and we split off.

Making my way to the academy I tried to find Lilith. Only to find that she was gone for the week. I found out that they had a dormitory and stayed there for the night.

~Day 12~

    I awoke yesterday and made my way to the archives inside the school. The room that consumed me when I walked through the doors was bigger than any I had ever seen. Walls higher than that of the cities outside walls coated in books and scrolls. It was astounding seeing this large of a collection of knowledge. I could not decide where to start looking for a book to sit down and read.

     When I finally made my way to the back of the archives I was approached by a male student. He offered me some of his herb that he called "The bookshelf emptier". He said that it helps in studies and improves your reading rate. I took some and smoked it out of his pipe. 

    After that every thing was slow, it seemed like time passed half as fast. He directed me to the Alteration section of the archives. When I got there the closest book to the bottom was something I had been wanting to read. It was a rather big book of around 300 pages. I began reading and finished it before the hour was over. Remembering every thing I had just read I put the book back and grabbed another.

    Things continued like this for the rest of the day. Forgetting to eat I grabbed 5 more books and walked back to my bed in the dormitory. I fell asleep with books all around me.

~Day 13~ 

    Now like I said before I feel slow but not in a sped up manner. Just slow altogether, like what a human experiences after drinking far too much the night before. It is about midday and I have accomplished nothing so far. I hope these after effects wear off soon.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A long distance makes for boredom.

~Day 10~

    Morning came upon me like a crushing wave. All I wanted was to get a few more hours of sleep. The only thing that drove me to arise was the thought of good food and a soft place to sleep. We started the day off walking. Traveling to the south towards the place this whole quest started up.

    About mid way through the day we happened to come across some fellow travelers. It seemed like they were heading to the north in search of treasures. I could not figure if it was that or if they had just come across treasure. We only crossed their path for a few seconds so it was hard to tell. With the equipment they carried though, it was apparent that they were on a quest of some sort.

    All together the day was uneventful. Which after what we had just gone through was not unwelcome. It just made our travels seem to drag on a lot longer than needed. Kegin was the only person of the group driving the pace. He kept saying that we had to get back to the king to report what had been happening. Every one agreed, if Kraloff was up to something sinister the king has to be warned as soon as possible.

     While the day was very calm again, I did not seem to enjoy it like what I had thought I would. Perhaps I am starting to get a feeling for adventure. If that is so, I will need to get more equipment from Pitchfield when I arrive in town. I was not prepared in the least for travels like this.

     Staying awake at night every day to watch others sleep. That is a job for guards not students. Hopefully one day soon I will no longer have to stay awake like this. Tomorrow we arrive in Pitchfield.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ghost wounds never leave you.

~Day 9~

   Waking up in the morning was a little weird. I had no tent to sleep under so the dew from the night before covered me and all of my belongings. Thank the gods, if there are any, that my books did not get wet in my bag. All of us packed up our belongings and helped Kegin up. He was healing rather good but we did not have enough time for the Aramil to heal him the way he needed.

    About mid way through the day on our walk back Kegin began to tell us what happened to him. The Lizard-man Kraloff came during the night while he was on guard. Finding that we were very close to his camp he figured that we must have been tracking him and took Kegin while he was sleeping. After getting back to Kraloffs' camp Kegin broke free and had been fighting in the caves for over a day. Holding off the masses of Kobolds with a mix of his magic and masterful archery skills.

    Even after all of that Kegin still kept a level mind while talking. This just proves the point that he is a seasoned adventurer. Probably having seen many conflicts in his days it makes me questions how much blood is on his hands.

    The days Travels went rather smoothly. We did not encounter any opposition throughout the day. The weather was perfect and the trail was clear and desolate. Every one in the group was cheerful and very talkative. An outsider would have never noticed that we had just fought for an entire day. Even I (after for a lack of better words dying) was in a great mood. I could not have asked for a more glorious day.

    The only complaint I have about this whole situation we have stumbled upon, is the wound I received. The priestess explained to me that even though it has physically healed your mind and soul Still know what happened. Serious damage like what I acquired never leaves you. It will always feel like a cold spot to you reminding you forever of your history.

   Its currently night and I am at watch. The sky is cloudless and the moon is full. In the far distance I can hear a wolf howling and it seems very solitary. Lone wolfs are never a good sign. Every once and a while I can see streaks of light across the sky. I can only hope tomorrow will be as calm as today.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cold steel and A swift fight.

~Day 8~

     Today was probably the most chaotic day of my life. When I awoke our day started off very early, Traveling in the direction of the rangers choice. Soon we came to a small hill that lead into the mountains and decided to climb it. Once we reached the top of the hill we instantly came upon a Kobold encampment.

    First thing that caught my eye was that a Kobold was running around with a piece of armor that every Elf from here to the ends of the world would notice. Shining high on a stick was a piece of Elven chain mail, only one person could have had that.... Kegin. Our standing there alerted the Kobold watch that was on duty. Not that I need to say it because it was so minor of a conflict, but they did not stand a chance. Gathering what we assumed to be Kegins' mail we were confronted with a choice of 6 cave entrances to enter.

    The first two caves and the fourth cave had puddles of water, while the third cave had some of the largest spider webs I had ever seen in my life. Only the fifth and sixth caves showed any signs that creatures had been in them recently, having fire residue trailing out the top of the entrances. We Chose to go in to the sixth cave to see if we could find Kegin. This was a bad choice. This cave contained a small grouping of some rather nasty goblins, which soon met their end.

     Leaving the cave we went into the cave to its left, cave number five. Traveling to the back of the cave we found no enemies, only a puddle of water with treasure in it. This seemed Weird to the whole group, so I hit the puddle with a wave of fire. Instantly The puddle came to life and ran further into cave screeching and taking the treasure with it. So we ventured to the fourth cave. At this point our hopes of finding Kegin were fading like the daylight outside.

    While we were in cave four, we noticed a torch that was upside down. This seemed weird but we did not touch it. After searching through what seemed like a small Goblin den, we went to exit the cave. Half way through the tunnel a Door opened on the wall. On the other side three Goblins who Charged without thinking. Stupidly enough they ran into the door all at once and got stuck. I killed off the two on the sides with a swift blast of flames. Then the third Goblin lunged at me, The feeling of Cold steel ripping through my throat rippled throughout my body. Then Nothing.

    What seemed like years later I felt a pair of hands take grip of what I can only explain to be my soul and toss me back into the Light. When I jolted up Lucius and Aramil stared at me in amazement. feeling the ghost wounds I received I noticed that not only was my Throat slit but at some point I was shot with an arrow. Aramil later admitted to hitting me with it during the fight.They then explained that with their healing help my amulet , which was now gone, had brought me back to life.

    No sooner than they finished speaking we were approached by a fast running cloaked man. It was Kegin, and following behind him a tall Lizzardman. Who demanded what we were doing in his camp. Not being able to negotiate with him he attacked. After a quick fight we wounded him bad enough that he said on last thing and retreated. Those words will stay in my mind for years to come, "You have not seen the last of Prince Kraloff.".

   When he ran Kolbolds attacked from behind, Kegin spun around and shot huge strands of cable like spider web onto them sticking them in their tracks. Then shouting a few words followed that up with a fireball that engulfed them all in a sea of flames. Kegin told us to run, and went limp passing out after all he had been through.

    Now 3 hours travel away from the camp into the forest, we rest. Remembering what happened to me through out the day. I am just sitting here astounded and thankful that I am still alive. Tomorrow we start the trip back to Pitchfield.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Where in the world could Kegin be? Maybe that way?

~Day 7~

    I awoke this morning to take my shift guarding the back of the cave and Kegin took the shift at the front of the cave. Nothing really happened at the back of the cave. It did seem though as if we were not welcome there. Not being to bothered by this I began to read my books to keep my mind at attention. After a few hours my shift had ended, so I went to the front of the cave to check on Kegin. Upon arriving there, He was gone.I quickly Ran back to the rest of the group and woke up Lucius and the priestess.

     Lucius sprinted off to the front of the cave to see what was wrong and Instantly called back to us. It had appeared that Kegin was taken during the night by a creature that we could not determine in the chaos that was left behind. Seeing the direction that he was dragged in, we picked up camp and began to follow the tracks.

    During our time tracking Kegin, The Priestess introduced her self to me as Aramil. She seemed rather nice, and my first impression was correct in that she is very passive. We continued tracking Kegins captors for what seemed like hours thanks to Lucius and his skills tracking creatures. Apparently being a ranger over the years has honed his senses to the point that he sees what other can not.

    The tracks eventually led us to the mountains and headed off up a narrow path. Knowing this area Lucius advised that we head along the edge of the woods a bit more to the north. This was so that we could possibly get a better angle of approach.

    Hours went by and nightfall was quickly approaching. So we made camp a few minutes into the woods. and now here I am Keeping watch while the others sleep. Thankfully I still have my books on me or else I would be lost. I just hope that we find Kegin safe and unharmed.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why study when you can practice what you know?

~Day 6~

    Well, I guess I will have to set studying aside for a few days. When I woke up this morning Kegin told me that he has a quest he needed my help on. This quest involved finding the cloaked creature and solving what has been behind the recent attacks on the city. So of coarse I could not resist the opportunity.

     The First order of business was to head to the near by woods and find the ranger that I encountered last night. So we left the town and made our way to the forest of Ryowood. When we arrived I got a good glimpse of the outside of the woods. They were dense and it astounded me that any one would live in here, But I guess for a ranger it is a great home.

    While walking through the woods Kegin and I heard some talking near by and decided to check it out. That was a mistake because it ended up being a small kobold camp. Very few of them were there and between Kegin and I we dispatched of that due haste. This might have been a small challenge if it wasn't for the fact that Kegin has a bow that would make any elf envious. This Combination of magic and grace has no string and shoots four arrows made of pure flame all at once. I jut wish I could acquire a bow of such power.

    During the fight all of the noise grabbed the rangers attentions and he quickly found us. After talking for a few minutes we made our way back to Pitchfield. Kegin told us that we need to get the Priestess that he was with last night and we would make our way to the north to track down this beast. We found her rather easily by heading to the local temple where she was praying to her gods. When we were all ready we left the town and made our way to the north.

    So after a long days travel, Here I am in a cave. Sitting around a fire with people I barely know yet for some reason am slowly beginning to trust. We are going to take turns throughout the night keeping watch at the front and rear of the cave. I am part of the second shift in the rear of the cave. hopefully only a few hours of sleep will be enough for tomorrow.