Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This is Pitchfield, and this is its Jail.... get in!

~Day 5~

    Traveling isn't what gets to me its not having a good bed, Tonight I finally get to sleep in a rather nice one. What I had to do to get here.... thats a whole other story.

    Today's traveling went over great. the horse didn't give me any problems, and the weather was wonderful. Time flew by just as the terrain shot past mounts hoofs. I could see Pitchfield in the distance and was rapidly approaching it when nightfall was nearing. In the distance this town seemed just as astounding as the other times I traveled here to trade books. Yet one thing was unnerving, A part of the outer city was on fire! So I Kicked my mount and made haste in the direction of a woman screaming. The closer I got the more clearly I could hear her "Stop him" she yelled.

    When I finally saw who she was talking about he was already running off into the darkness towards the local woods. As fast as I could make the horse go I pursued The culprit to see what he had done. Then all of the sudden this small cloaked figure reached for his hood while running and vanished in thin air. So I went to the last place I could see him. His tracks seemed to go every where, and while I was attempting to figure out which way he went out of the shadows I heard a voice.

    After responding to this stranger and explaining the situation, He walked out of the shadows. This mysterious belonged to a local Half-elf Ranger named Lucius. Shortly into our talk about Tracking off after the cloaked figure, what seemed like a small army descended upon us. Not giving me much room to talk I was instantly taken into custody and thrown into the jail within the city.

    While inside the cell a High Elf named Kegin who saw the whole thing unfold, said a few short words to me and magically freed me from my cell. Kegin was also accompanied with what I can only describe as a very passive priestess. They took me to the king and I was Pardoned after Kegin explained what happened. He seemed to instinctively know that I was telling the truth.

    Now here I am, sitting in a inn that Kegin helped get me into. With a very comfortable bed and a warm fire. I cannot wait to get rid of this weird feeling that I have and get back to studying.

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