Monday, August 8, 2011

So, You know it all.... Now Leave!

~Day 3~

    So today had a huge twist, and let me be the first to say I did not see this coming. Currently I am sitting here under a tree and night is quickly approaching. I have no tent and nothing to sleep on. The only things I do have are my books my walking staff and some rations. I guess I should explain how this all happened, Not like I will ever forget.... but just in case.

    The day Started off like many before. The usual Studying followed by lunch with some cleaning and sorting books. The twist comes in around supper time. This is one of the only times I normally just sit and talk with my teacher. Yet tonight something seemed very off, He didn't talk to much at all. They say that silence is a virtue, well I guess that is one I do not have when I am curious.

    So of coarse I opened my mouth to ask what was wrong. This triggered what I can only summarize as a verbal volcano. Which are astounding when you read of them in Dwarven Literature, but in this scenario any one would have fear in their soul. It was like his words pierced directly into my brain. This could have been some form of magic that I have never heard of (doubtful at best). All he said was that I can no longer be his student, and that I have to head to the Kingdom of Pitchfield.

    After that outburst he left his supper and walked out of the room. This might have been acceptable if he had given me a reason for this sudden change of plans. Unfortunately I could not find him any where in his house. So I went to pack my bags and when I got to my room found some items in a bag and a scroll.

    Now here I am, outside trying to fall asleep and hoping this damn horse from the stables does not break free during the night. Ill wait till morning to read that scroll and be on my way. I'm just to tired to be worried about it tonight!

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