Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ghost wounds never leave you.

~Day 9~

   Waking up in the morning was a little weird. I had no tent to sleep under so the dew from the night before covered me and all of my belongings. Thank the gods, if there are any, that my books did not get wet in my bag. All of us packed up our belongings and helped Kegin up. He was healing rather good but we did not have enough time for the Aramil to heal him the way he needed.

    About mid way through the day on our walk back Kegin began to tell us what happened to him. The Lizard-man Kraloff came during the night while he was on guard. Finding that we were very close to his camp he figured that we must have been tracking him and took Kegin while he was sleeping. After getting back to Kraloffs' camp Kegin broke free and had been fighting in the caves for over a day. Holding off the masses of Kobolds with a mix of his magic and masterful archery skills.

    Even after all of that Kegin still kept a level mind while talking. This just proves the point that he is a seasoned adventurer. Probably having seen many conflicts in his days it makes me questions how much blood is on his hands.

    The days Travels went rather smoothly. We did not encounter any opposition throughout the day. The weather was perfect and the trail was clear and desolate. Every one in the group was cheerful and very talkative. An outsider would have never noticed that we had just fought for an entire day. Even I (after for a lack of better words dying) was in a great mood. I could not have asked for a more glorious day.

    The only complaint I have about this whole situation we have stumbled upon, is the wound I received. The priestess explained to me that even though it has physically healed your mind and soul Still know what happened. Serious damage like what I acquired never leaves you. It will always feel like a cold spot to you reminding you forever of your history.

   Its currently night and I am at watch. The sky is cloudless and the moon is full. In the far distance I can hear a wolf howling and it seems very solitary. Lone wolfs are never a good sign. Every once and a while I can see streaks of light across the sky. I can only hope tomorrow will be as calm as today.

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