Friday, August 12, 2011

Where in the world could Kegin be? Maybe that way?

~Day 7~

    I awoke this morning to take my shift guarding the back of the cave and Kegin took the shift at the front of the cave. Nothing really happened at the back of the cave. It did seem though as if we were not welcome there. Not being to bothered by this I began to read my books to keep my mind at attention. After a few hours my shift had ended, so I went to the front of the cave to check on Kegin. Upon arriving there, He was gone.I quickly Ran back to the rest of the group and woke up Lucius and the priestess.

     Lucius sprinted off to the front of the cave to see what was wrong and Instantly called back to us. It had appeared that Kegin was taken during the night by a creature that we could not determine in the chaos that was left behind. Seeing the direction that he was dragged in, we picked up camp and began to follow the tracks.

    During our time tracking Kegin, The Priestess introduced her self to me as Aramil. She seemed rather nice, and my first impression was correct in that she is very passive. We continued tracking Kegins captors for what seemed like hours thanks to Lucius and his skills tracking creatures. Apparently being a ranger over the years has honed his senses to the point that he sees what other can not.

    The tracks eventually led us to the mountains and headed off up a narrow path. Knowing this area Lucius advised that we head along the edge of the woods a bit more to the north. This was so that we could possibly get a better angle of approach.

    Hours went by and nightfall was quickly approaching. So we made camp a few minutes into the woods. and now here I am Keeping watch while the others sleep. Thankfully I still have my books on me or else I would be lost. I just hope that we find Kegin safe and unharmed.

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