Sunday, August 7, 2011

Did I find it or the other way around?

Day 2

    I swear it took me around half of the morning to find this book today. I was rummaging through a tower of Spell books, looking for the one I am supposed to be Studying out of. Apparently during that time I just tossed this damn thing into the avalanche of paper. So after wasting all of that time, most of the morning was gone and I had to eat some lunch before I forgot to do it yet again. Its actually a rare occasion for me to remember to eat half way through out the day. This has always been a bit of a bad trait of mine.

Learning and learning I keep pushing through the days, wondering when if ever I will actually be able to put any of this to use. I have been taught to manipulate fire to do what I will it, seal doors with the strongest of bonds, and even do such things as shoot flames out of my hands. The question is, will I ever be considered ready enough by my mysterious teacher.

    This mysterious man, the one who found me and told me he could "teach me to control the elements and bend them to my will". His name is still unknown to me, not due to my lack of trying to find out. Every day this man tells me what to do and what to read. Cleaning this house that might as well be called an archive, Always one of the worst tasks around. Yet I strive to learn more so I do what he says. on that note I wonder what he has in store for me the rest of the day!

    I guess I should go try and find him, Assuming that he is even here. Well I guess I'm off to hunt through the archives yet again.



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