Monday, August 15, 2011

A long distance makes for boredom.

~Day 10~

    Morning came upon me like a crushing wave. All I wanted was to get a few more hours of sleep. The only thing that drove me to arise was the thought of good food and a soft place to sleep. We started the day off walking. Traveling to the south towards the place this whole quest started up.

    About mid way through the day we happened to come across some fellow travelers. It seemed like they were heading to the north in search of treasures. I could not figure if it was that or if they had just come across treasure. We only crossed their path for a few seconds so it was hard to tell. With the equipment they carried though, it was apparent that they were on a quest of some sort.

    All together the day was uneventful. Which after what we had just gone through was not unwelcome. It just made our travels seem to drag on a lot longer than needed. Kegin was the only person of the group driving the pace. He kept saying that we had to get back to the king to report what had been happening. Every one agreed, if Kraloff was up to something sinister the king has to be warned as soon as possible.

     While the day was very calm again, I did not seem to enjoy it like what I had thought I would. Perhaps I am starting to get a feeling for adventure. If that is so, I will need to get more equipment from Pitchfield when I arrive in town. I was not prepared in the least for travels like this.

     Staying awake at night every day to watch others sleep. That is a job for guards not students. Hopefully one day soon I will no longer have to stay awake like this. Tomorrow we arrive in Pitchfield.

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